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Sydney FC Youth / Academy / Re: Sydney Youth NPL1 Season 2017
« Last post by mike88 on Today at 09:19:44 am »
Probably head out to Lily's stadium on Sunday.

Be interested to see if there's any potential Gersbach's lurking in the Sydney FC squad.
Never Mind the B*ll*cks / Re: Live Music Thread V - The Flying Gibson
« Last post by Greg on Today at 09:10:48 am »
Radiohead @ Glastonbury. Not much will ever top that.

Ange keeps saying he is trying to change the mentality of the way Australia plays football. And it seems the players have bought into this. If they don't I guess they don't get selected.

But Ange has only 6 competitive, meaningful games left in charge of the national team. And only 3 of those are guaranteed at this point. What happens when the new coach comes in? Does anyone honestly think they will continue this style of play? Only if Musky or Gombau is the next coach will that have a chance of happening I would think.
Never Mind the B*ll*cks / Re: Star Wars Thread I: Han Shot First
« Last post by hillbilly on Today at 07:35:50 am »
WTF is wrong with a fun, rollicking, space adventure?  :o
Australian Football / Re: Aussies Abroad Thread V - No Yuan can stop us now
« Last post by esfc on Today at 02:13:03 am »
It'd be great if the entire league just ignored Dario.
It might actually be better. Franjic is a failed forward he turned into a fullback which is one thing for a club team, but he was always tremendous and played above his level for the NT. That's trust and coaching. Davidson was playing week in at a very solid level before the West Brom move, but is the type of guy who lets himself wander and he totally minimized that post WC. We were without Rogic and Mooy hadnt stepped up yet. I thought the way he used the 433 either totally attack or somewhat defensive minded was great.

I actually know why he's looked at this formation, like people have written above, he hasn't just watched Chelsea or even Juventus and copied, but suddenly it's turned our weak FB areas into extremely weak central defensive areas. To me thats absurd. Wright hasnt been too bad at all and I sort of feel sorry for him, he is not the type of player who should be forced to play out under pressure. I liked in the second half against Germany he just went long and guess what-it generally fucking worked. He was playing  League one football when he was like 18, he knows how to bang a decent ball long if runners are interested.

People are calling for Wilko and I agree, but to me a lunk headed dude next to a more ball playing Sainsbury...we could do a lot worse in a partnership back there.
just wanted to say a very big thanks to everyone for all your help in setting up my comp. Built it today and now updating everything but working beautifully! Now to just start downloading some decent games for once!

Awesome mate! My gamertag is Effsea on pretty much everything, if you're keen for a game.
This squad, and this starting eleven, is largely the same as the Asian Cup. If Ange has them playing at the best of their ability who would win if the two teams played each other, the current 11 and formation or the Asian Cup one?

If you said the Asian Cup squad the question has to be asked.......why have we changed anything?
Derek Carr, highest paid man in the NFL
125M over 5 years.
Never Mind the B*ll*cks / Re: The Cricket Thread XVI: Steve O'Keefe for PM
« Last post by Muzgrob on June 23, 2017, 11:54:06 pm »
ICC board getting reworked so associates and womens cricket have reps. ICC expelling USACA. Ireland and Afghanistan getting full member status and thus test matches. A league structure getting some serious traction(albeit in a stupid form where we don't play NZ at all in the first cycle). The ICC finally does something positive, if only they would reverse the stupid 10 team world cup decision now and really make my week.
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